Welcome to Falkenberg’s Pantry – A gastronomic experience!

Together with high-class restaurateurs, we want to offer you a restaurant visit and a culinary experience that will enhance your stay with us. We collaborate with dedicated entrepreneurs who are passionate about continuously developing and refining the craft of cooking with excellent ingredients. Together with them, we can offer something for everyone, and we guide you whether you desire a luxurious dinner or something simpler.

A genuine and exciting food culture

In Falkenberg, a genuine and exciting food culture has developed in recent years. A number of high-class food entrepreneurs inspire each other, and one exciting concept after another opens up. The concept of Falkenberg’s Pantry has been well-received and is a gathering of people who are passionate about good food. “For collaboration and the willingness to together provide our visitors with the very best we can imagine.”

Eating out

Quick lunch after the beach, or a long sitting with friends. Meal plans vary with one common denominator – they should be enjoyable. Here you will find tips on great dining spots in Falkenberg.

Link to Destination FBG which has collected everything for the food enthusiast.